The Graveyard Book (Book Report)

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman (Book Report)

In your opinion, what life will look like in a graveyard? The Graveyard Book written by Neil Gaiman features this kind of story. Interesting, isn’t it? Well, this will make you even more interested; here are the list of the cast and characters of the graveyard book:

Nobody “Bod” Owens

Bod is the most Goth kid you’ll ever meet – he lives in a graveyard and is raised by ghosts, a vampire, and a werewolf, for Pete’s sake. He has Freedom of the Graveyard, which means he can communicate with the dead, move through walls, and is invisible to most humans (so long as he’s in the graveyard).



Silas is Bod’s guardian. He takes care of all of Bod’s basic needs, like food and shelter. He’s also Bod’s idol – the guy Bod looks up to, and will always look up to above all others. Silas isn’t dead, but he isn’t alive either. He’s a sad, lonely figure, not fitting in with either the living or the dead, like when he is can’t join in the Danse Macabre (where the dead and the living dance, for one night only). He is full of wisdom, but also full of pain. He’s also a big mystery.


Miss Lupescu

We first meet Miss Lupescu when Silas has to leave the graveyard for a while. She’s the person Silas found to be Bod’s guardian while he’s away. At first she seems like the worst kind of substitute teacher. She gives Bod lessons, but they’re all super boring. She’s extremely strict and demands that he pay attention. And she makes Bod eat nasty food.


Liza Hempstock

Liza is a witch who’s buried just outside of the graveyard in “unconsecrated ground,” otherwise known as the Potter’s Field. As Silas explains to Bod, the main graveyard is built on land blessed, or consecrated, by a church. As Liza explains to Bod, she was accused of being a witch, and then burned to death, some 500 years before. The twist is, Liza really was a witch, or so she claims.


Scarlett Amber Perkins

She is the only mortal friend of Bod. Scarlett only appears in two of the novel’s eight chapters, but she sure has an impact. Scarlett doesn’t seem to have any supernatural powers, but she can see Bod – even though Freedom of the Graveyard keeps him hidden from other humans when he’s in the graveyard. It could be that her ability to see Bod is just an example of the kind of connection they have.


Jack Frost and The Jack Of All Trade

Jack Frost is The Graveyard Book’s arch-villain. He’s the guy who butchers Bod’s family with a sharp knife, and he wants to do the same to Bod. He also, it seems, lives with his grandma.


Mr. and Mrs. Owens

Mr. and Mrs. Owens are Bod’s graveyard parents. Including the time they’ve been in the graveyard, they’ve been married 250 years. Their one regret is that they never had kids. Good thing Bod wandered into the graveyard so they could become parents. They seem to be very nice people and pretty good parents, but they aren’t involved in any of Bod’s adventures.

Sounds exciting, isn’t it? Well, I recommend this book to children especially to the teenagers. The story is not really creepy; in fact, I find it as an adventure one. The fact that the focus of the story is about Bod who lives in the graveyard and wanted to explore the outside world. But of course, the antagonists (Jack) are the reason why Silas and the Owenses didn’t allow him to do so. But in the end, Bod lived in the outside world where he really belongs. I the story, I learned to be fearless, knowing that there will be distraction or “humps” in the road that you will take, I learned that I have to face it because I have he courage to pursue it, just like what Bod did. He faced many trials, but in the trials, he also met other friends who helped him.